News for December 15th, 2006

I am not that accident prone...really.  Just ask my brother.  They never let me live down that fateful night you know.  The night they heard me announce, "Jon, I found something else that doesn't go down the garbage disposal."  One tiny fiasco and you are marked for life.

In other news, the colds are finally going away, but that doesn't mean we don't still have our left over coughs and sexy sounding voices.  Not sure why they say that though.  As if talking through a paper bag full of gravel sounds "sexy."  Barry White has a sexy voice, Jimmy Durante not so much.

Sorry for the late comic update last Monday.  Err...uh...wasn't that a hoot?  "KRO-GAR lost luggage?"  Had to explain it to him three times.  Take care gang.

Still sick, more to come soon I hope.



Script for December 15th, 2006

Ninja Comic:    That's it you vile fiend!  Unhand my toast!

Nitui:    If you were wondering what it's like to live with Ninja over there, well it's just like this.

Nitui:    I know at times I seem like the "grown up" or "wet blanket" but I am really just trying to keep him alive.

Nitui:    Well, that's my cue.  Ninja stop!

Ninja Comic:    Huh?  What?

Nitui:    Let me get some popcorn real quick.

Nitui:    I know I should stop him, but sometimes he's just so darn entertaining.

Nitui:    See ya next week!