News for December 1st, 2006

What?!?!?  Never heard of the Kakapo Parrot?  We would have thought that everybody knew of this flightless wonder of a bird.  Really, ostrich, emu, and penguin aside.  Ok, so we just found them a bit ago as we wrote this comic.  At any rate, they are endangered, so send us money.  No, we are not sending it to the bird foundation, sheesh.

"But guys, you are a heroes.  What do you need money for?"  Yes, thanks is all we need.  That and money for tuition.  We are now officially taking Ninja Improv classes at the Bovine.  Well, they are really just improv classes, but if you put "Ninja" in front of them they sound so much cooler.  "Pirate Improv" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

It is now officially past our bedtimes so, we must bid you a good evening.  Or day, depending on what time you read this.


Script for December 1st, 2006

Ninja Comic:    We know there has been much rejoicing over the new "wings" available from the costume shop.  There are a few things to consider prior to getting them sewn onto your back.

Nitui:    Remember that they don't give you flight and only flap if you have a normal flight power.  Next, the wingspan takes up a great deal of room, so it doesn't go well in a car or on the bus.  Finally, Avian Flu. Need we say more?

Ninja Comic:    One last thing to add, if you don't like the flight power set and still want the wings for your costume, try these concepts for inspiration: Emu, Dodo, Kiwi, Penguin, Flea, and most hospitals.  All have wings and can not fly.

Kakapo Parrot:    What the heck is he supposted to be?