News for November 27th, 2006

Yes, add malls to the ever growing list of things to be feared.  Hello Kitty, mimes, and crowds at malls.  So, I did not go to the mall.  Teach them a thing or two there I tell ya.

In other news, my mother has had a wonderful time here.  At least that what was she said.  I hope she wasn't just being nice.

Hope your Thanksgiving weekend was good too. Ciao

Hope you all had a great turkey day. We had much fun with the Mom being in town! She and I did brave the malls two days after thanksgiving and it wasn't too bad. Too many people for my taste but not the throngs of folks that Ninja fights. Ah well see ya Friday!

OH and check our newly developing store!



Script for November 27th, 2006

Ninja Comic:    There's too many of them.  I'll hold them off.  RUN NITUI, SAVE YOURSELF!

Nitui:    Would you relax, it's just a mall.