News for November 20th, 2006

To answer your questions...oh, there are no questions?  Well, then nevermind.

In other news, we have been some show going fools.  We started off with I Know What You Did Last Christmas on Friday night and saw Casino Royale Sunday.  The reviews are here  and here.

Also, my mother is coming to visit for Thanksgiving weekend, so I should probably be cleaning the Super Base from top to bottom.  Ah well, maybe tomorrow.

As Ninja said we did a fair amount this weekend. But, today's news I'd like to be selfish and simply ask that everyone send your good thoughts, well wishes, and if you do so prayers to my G.G. Thanks! See ya Friday.



Script for November 20th, 2006

Ninja Comic:    Hey Nitui, I have a new idea for making money!

Nitui :    Poodle cornrow hair styling?

Ninja Comic:    What?  No, that was last week.

Ninja Comic:    This time it's a fool proof plan for sure.  I'm going to make t-shirts with catchy phrases and sell them on the web.

Nitui :    You know, that's your best idea to date.  What's your plan for...

Ninja Comic:    YEAH!  ONE JUST SOLD!

Innocence :    I don't get it.