News for November 10th, 2006

So, that's the end.  Typical really.  It's just like the math formula for Archetypal Combatants.  When it was just me Vs. pirate / ninja horde, I was destined to win.  But one pirate Vs. ninja horde, we couldn't help but lose.  That or they were just at the party for the chicks to begin with.

In other news, remember the Coke Mentos thing with the fountains of soda?  Here is Experiment #2.  These guys got actual sponsorship from Coke and Mentos.  Nobody wants to fund my mad scientist experiments.

Also on the web, my lame contribution to Line Flyer videos.  I give you Big Loops!

Hopefully we will catch Stranger then Fiction this weekend.

I'm gonna stop thinking out loud about what I'm going to put in my news 'cause Ninja puts it in his. I'm sick again though that's not why I'm actually looking forward to the Will Farrell actually looks good. I'll give you update on Monday.



Script for November 10th, 2006

Nitui :    None of you work in my office, who brought you guys here?

Minion 01 :    The lame pirate over there.

Nitui :    Gerald? From accounting?

Minion 02 :    He hired us to make him look tough, but we quit.

Minion 03 :    Who wants to work for some lame pi…

Reap :    Bobbie, you totally have the best pirate costume here.

Buccaneer Bobbie :    Wow, thanks. Now if I just had a cut throat band of marauders to follow me around.

Minions :    YAR!

Ninja Comic:    Well, nice seeing you…guys.