News for November 6th, 2006

So much for the whole mystique and culture of the ninja.

In other news, Sunday morning we wasted our five dollars on the new movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.  I am ashamed of having wasted the money and won't bother with a review. 

The question comes to mind, based on the awful movie preview, "How did you end up seeing this movie?"  I was lead to believe that it was an actual documentary and that some of the misuse of English was a literal translation issue.  I was wrong.  The critics and masses may say that I am wrong in labeling this the new "worst movie I have ever seen" but since when do I care about what they think. 

I convinced Nitui to see this movie by mentioning the fact that we are going to be doing improv again.  When doing improv you ask for suggestions and there will be several pop culture references from the audience.  Being that we rarely watch television that is less then a year old, and even then very sparingly, I am concerned about not getting these references.  However, with the viral infection that stupidity has on the American people, I have decided that pop-culture has nothing in it for me any longer.  I must be getting old and intolerant.  We sat there and listened to the audience laugh.  They laughed at the black box used to translate the words on the screen.  Guess what, translating the opening credits was not funny.  Unless the "Written by Sacha Baron Cohen" is code for "take my wife, please"  there was absolutely no reason to laugh.

If a movie is labeled comedy, people mistakenly assume that everything is a joke and  laugh at every little detail.  "Look, over there, a perfectly ordinary lamp on a desk!  BWAH HA HA HA, that's too much!"  Comedy is best when it plays to the top of your intelligence.  If all you can manage is profanity to make somebody laugh, stay off the stage or big screen.  If you loved Napoleon Dynamite and think I am wrong about this Borat movie.  Stop coming to our site and don't read my comments any longer.  Frankly, the dumbing down of the world is too much for me.  Sure, the comic will continue and I assume, with the lack of profanity and stupidity, our readers will dwindle but at least it will reflect my beliefs that humor can exist above the waist. .

This weekend was fairly ordinary - I got my hair done by the wonderful Elise on Saturday. On Sunday I saw my new worst movie ever and very much agree with all that Ninja said above. The only thing that I'd add is as a public service announcement - being racist is not funny. Just thought I'd put that out there 'cause it seems that people have forgotten this. I don't care if you're making fun of you're own race or someone else's race...being hateful is not funny.

The rest of Sunday was taken up with typical run around, laundry, doing the comic etc. While we were doing the comic we were able to finish up the forth season of Alias. I personally think it's one of the better ones. The chemistry is back between the characters and who doesn't love a girl kicking butt. On that note I'll see ya Friday!



Script for November 6th, 2006

Nitui :    Hey Ninja, whose the's?

Minion 01 :    You old dog you!

Minion 02 :    Dude, who is the hottie?

Minion 03 :    Never would have picked you for getting a date, let alone one that looks like her.

Ninja Comic:    Bob, Steve, Mike, and Sven, this is my wife Nitui.

Nitui :    Which is which?

Ninja Comic:    It doesn't really matter.

Minion 04 :    Whoa, wife?

Minion :    Lame!