News for November 3rd, 2006

Pirates, pirates, pirates.  Here ya go, a Pirate Translator.  Of course, the one from Xorss was funnier.

Since there were questions in regards to our pumpkins.  Here ya go.  Pumpkins 1-2 Pumpkins 3-4

In other news, there is really no other news.  The improv classes are supposed to start the 9th, but may be delayed until there are the minimum number of students.

Our friend Elchupacadre came up and hung out this evening and I didn't even start to leave work until six being there at seven thirty made for along day today. Though tomorrow's Friday and I have to take off early cause it's the day I see Nick. Halloween was very nice. We had a decent amount of kids come by and most liked the toys and glow n the dark bracelets we were giving out. For work I made (with he help of my ever lovn' Ninja) some Peanut Butter Candy Bars (for work) which everyone raved about. See ya Monday!



Script for November 3rd, 2006

Minion 01 :    Beat it you lame pirate wanna be.

Lame Pirate :    But…but I hired you guys.  You're supposed to be my cut throat band of marauders.

Minion 02 :    Yeah? We quit.

Minion 03 :    So push off.

Ninja Comic:    Guys, you didn't have to quit over that.

Minion 04 :    Whatever, he just hired us to add some cool factor to being a lame pirate.

Ninja Comic:    Did it work?

Minions:    Nope.