News for October 30th, 2006

What's this?  Ninja meeting somebody from his past?  Not more character development.

In other news, they  released The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3d!  Nitui and I got to watch the film with some funky glasses and enjoyed it a great deal.

Also, we saw Man of the Year and the review is here.

Finally, it looks like we may be taking the improv classes at the Bovine again.  If this starts taking up a lot of time, we may have to move our comic days or drop back to one a week.  We will let you know if anything is going to change.

Oh yeah, check back for a Halloween comic tomorrow.

Well this weekend went way too fast but it was very fun - truly some real happiness. Surprisingly no thanks to any of my friends.

Ninja though has already told you all about our new stuff. I'm really looking forward to the improv classes. I'm sure we'll give you lots of updates. See ya Friday!



Script for October 30th, 2006

Ninja Comic:    That's how it's going to be?  I'm warning you, I'm not just some fool in a costume, I'm Ninja Comic!

Minion 01:    Hold up guys.

Ninja Comic:    Hang on a sec...Bob, Steve, Mike, and Sven?  Long time no see guys!

Minion 02:    Hey buddy!

Minion 03:    Dude!

Minion 04:    Man, it's been forever!

Lame Pirate:    Yar?