News for October 27th, 2006

Well, it was fair earlier.  One Ninja Vs. One Pirate.  But a pirate with ninja minions, that's not right.

In other news, I have decided to describe how the balance of power works in Movies and on TV. The Transitive Power of Combatants Axiom

The work week has taken it's toll and I really have had no time for a lot of surfing the web.  Especially with the Halloween event in CoH/CoV.  I have been Trick or Treating myself to death in game.  So much time wasted on hunting Giant Monsters.  I am nearly done and hope to be doing something more productive again soon.

Ya! It's official I like shopping online! Outta all the stuff I bought I only got one thing that I'm going to send back. Though that part is spendier than it should be imho it's gonna cost me 5 bucks plus shipping. Ah well. I have lots of cute sweaters that actually fit for this weekend.

We are planning on heading down to the Bovine Metropolis again to see our friend Rick do his thing this Saturday. We've invited a whole bunch a friends to come down with us but so far the majority have all ready told me they're gonna be outta town. Seems like a strange time of year but I guess they're getting it in before the x-mas rush. Seriously all of you flying this weekend… fly safe. It should be fun regardless with a mishmash of friends old and new. Give ya a report on Monday…see ya then!

OH! I almost forgot! I wanted to say thank you to Agent Evil Zero on the Justice server! He was randomly nice to Innocence. If you all have a second next time your in game send him a tell and tell him he's great.


Script for October 27rd, 2006

Lame Pirate:    Yee've speelled me drink, yar.

Ninja Comic:    Sorry man, I can grab you another if you want.

Lame Pirate:    There be a price on yer head.  Swabbies, get him!

Ninja Comic:    Whoa, wait a sec there.

Lame Pirate:    I said "Get him!"