News for October 23rd, 2006

Work parties are usually not fun, but Nitui's company is special.  The office that lets you work there in full costume is a rare find.

In other news, w e saw The Prestige and the review is here.

Not much else to mention this week.  I'll look for something to share this next comic.

Well this is going to be another busy week but although it was again a quick weekend it was very nice. Saturday I saw the musical Hair for the first time and I was kinda indifferent to it. I saw good stuff in it but mostly I just couldn't get into it. On Sunday we saw a movie with a friend of mine form work, David. Prestige is getting a fair amount of publicity but I think it's just as good, although different, than The Illusionist.

I'm really sore! This weeks workout really kicked my butt ‘cause, I almost sorta did a real full on push ups. Laugh if you might but have you tired to do real push ups lately? Well I've never been before to do anything other than the “girl” push ups and even those hurt. Go head… get up do some push ups. Yep, mystery loves company. See ya Friday!



Script for October 23rd, 2006

Nitui:    Ninja, we're having a Halloween party at work.

Ninja Comic:    Sounds fun, what are we going as? I am going, right?

Nitui:    Yup, you're my "and guest."

Nitui:    So, having fun?

Ninja Comic:    Yeah, it's not bad.

Nitui:    I need to go say "hi." I'll be right back.

Ninja Comic:    Ooof.

Lame Pirate:    Arrr!  Yarr yar arrr yarrrr!

Ninja Comic:    Yar?