News for October 20th, 2006

Poor KRO-GAR.  No respect, even amongst villains.

Speaking of villains, our useless web host has messed up again and the forums are down again.  Beyond that work is work and time goes on. 

Perhaps a good movie will present itself this weekend.

Well hi guys! This has been a really rough week but, I'm feeling better than I have in the last couple weeks. I've also decided that shopping can be fun if it's done in your slippers in the comfort of your own home. I've ordered a whole bunch of clothes via online website (sans barb wire). I've kept to the same size/weight since the competition ended so I finally broke down and bought some new jeans.

I've also bought a couple of books on PHP/MySQL and am trying to get through them as quickly as possible but, I never seem to have much time. Maybe this weekend I'll have more time, either way I'm looking forward to seeing The Prestige. See you Monday!



Script for October 20th, 2006

KRO-GAR :    KRO-GAR catalog finally here.

Rats :    Give me that kid, you might hurt yourself.

KRO-GAR :    What?