News for October 16th, 2006

Can you seriously call it a secret if your average scout has access to what's inside?

In other news, we went to a new restaurant that was not very good.  I present Gimme Sum!

Also, we followed in Lochs footsteps...sort of.  Nitui let me post the video she made for a video production class back at Ai.  Here it is Old Guys!

Finally, I got a new toy. It is a 250Hz Powerball Pro. It has done wonders for the soreness of my wrist due to too much computing. Either way, it's awesome and if you know a geek with some sore wrists, think about getting them one.

Eh, I wish that I had many exciting things to tell you but, I don't. Every thing is just as it was the weeks before. I'm working on a few things on the side if you guys are actually interested I'll post it in the forum. Otherwise work is still going well. See you Friday.



Script for October 16th, 2006

Girl Scout :    Check this out. My mom got the "Villainess' Secret" catalog by mistake.

Boy Scout :    Or maybe she is secretly a villain!

Girl Scout :    Yeah, right.  She turned red and tossed it in the recycling bin.

Boy Scout :    So this is where the women villains order their costumes?

Girl Scout :    Some of them.

Boy Scout and Girl Scout :    Barbed wire is bad!