News for October 9th, 2006

I have much love for the new jump packs that came out with Good Vs. Evil.  The hardest part of being a low level character in Heroes / Villains is the difficulty in movement.  Slow running and a few walls become unbreachable barriers quickly.  As a kid I am certain that rocketing around would have been the next best thing to traveling through time for me.

In other news, this comic is special.  I got to help with some of the digital work.  For a change I wasn't useless while making the comic.

Saturday night we went to see The Dark Side of the Moo again with Deadly and Loch.  Good to get out with them from time to time. The rest has been business as usual.

Well this has been a pretty uneventful weekend just trying to stay down and kill the last of this cold that doesn't seem to wanna go away (drinking lots of orange juice). It was good getting to see Deadly and Loch and also our friend Rick. It was a fun evening at the Bovine Metropolis but we stayed out way past my bedtime and I'm feeling it today.

See if you can spot the things the Ninja helped with on today's comic…I bet you can't! He did a great job. Sorry no movie review, but the movies in the theatres are crap right now. Hopefully something good (that's not terribly depressing) will come out soon. See ya Friday!



Script for October 9th, 2006

Girl Scout :    My dad gave us these new prototype jump assisters.

Boy Scout :    Cool, how do they work?

Girl Scout :    It says here, "The Jump Assist is for use in emergency situations only."

Boy Scout :    What kind of emergencies?

Girl Scout :    They were designed for the guys in the quarry.  If there was a rock slide they could jump to safety.

Girl Scout :    That car almost hit us!

Boy Scout :    Look out!  A leaf is blowing our way!