News for October 6th, 2006

So, Super Heroes for dummies.  I am a bit amazed at the volume of For Dummies books.  I find them generally insulting.  But then again that is the whole point of the self help book section.  Show you that you are doing it wrong and that normal people, like the author, can do it right.  Tell me one thing, how many normal people are published authors.  I write a webcomic.  I now feel I am totally qualified to tell you how to publish your own comic...My first rule is to marry somebody good a Photoshop.  No, drawing is not an option.  Meh, I am no expert on such things.

Remember when I posted Line Rider?  Check out the video.  If you were wondering, it was not done by me.  I have failed valiantly to perform a single loop properly.

Not much else going on.  Nitui is not feeling well so I am sending her to bed. 

Hey, come on. I'm not that sick...

Fine, see ya Monday.



Script for October 6th, 2006

Ninja Comic :    I'm glad you got the computer working again, 'cause I needed to use it.

Nitui:    Why?  What's going on?

Ninja Comic :    I got a new job and the money will soon be rolling in.

Nitui:    Why am I scared?

Ninja Comic :    Oh, relax.  It's not some "Deposed Prince from Nigeria" or whatever.  Though I still think we should have helped him.  We are Heroes.

Nitui:    So what then is the scheme?

Ninja Comic :    I have been hired to write a book about being a Super Hero.  Hopefully young heroes will read it and maybe become as great as I am someday.

Nitui:    So they advanced you money?

Ninja Comic :    Not yet. The actual process can take months.