News for October 2nd, 2006

Like you guys never have really cool ideas.

In other news, our site was moved to a different server a few days ago.  This had the inconvenient outcome of blowing up our forums.  We managed to fix the forums but they will definitely look different from now on.

If you think you have a big cat at your house, check out this cat.  Also known as a Liger.

Also, there were no movies to be seen today so there are no reviews.

Before you ask...yes it really is like that living with him. Although the real Ninja's idea's ever bizarre they are...generally turns out really well.

Another weekend is over for me and I feel like I didn't get anything I wanted to do done but that I did a lot of things...not that I could tell you anything that I did. Errands. I guess my weekend was swallowed by them. Although on Friday I did start back with Nick much to my pain. I can really feel all those weeks I've been a slacker.

On a side note I'd like to say good luck to my mom. Thinking of you.

See you all Friday.



Script for October 2nd, 2006

Ninja Comic :    Nitui! I just had a huge idea!

Nitui:    We're not referring to your car as "Super Cab."

Ninja Comic :    That's not it.  

Ninja Comic :    Hmmm "Super Cab"  I like it.

Nitui:    What is your huge idea?

Ninja Comic :    Meat based donuts.

Nitui:    You're kidding, right? Donuts are made from dough, like a loaf of bread.

Ninja Comic :    Hmmm. Wait, a bread loaf is just like a meat loaf.

Ninja Comic :    Ooh! I could have them glazed with that catsup stuff or a barbecue cream filling...

Nitui:    Why can't you have a safer hobby, like power tools?

Nitui:    NINJA! That's not how they make donuts.

Ninja Comic :    What?