News for September 29th, 2006

Go on, admit it.  You've tried this when you were a kid.  That's why parents don't let you go to the top of tall buildings with your blanket parachute etc.

In other news, they are destroying our back porch and pouring a new one.  I am quite pleased with this and can hardly wait to see the end result. Also, I was poking around on the CoH boards and there was a link to a Simpson Creator.  Enjoy.

This is not a game, there is no point.  I give you Line Rider.

Okay it's official I'm sick. I almost came home from work today but they put in a new coffee machine. Not that I drink coffee mind you but, the coffee machine also happens to make chai tea. I drank three dollars worth but it kept me going. At least tomorrow is friday though, I'm starting back exercising with Nick tomorrow. Maybe he'll burn this outta my system once and for all. You all have a good weekend and we'll see ya back here on Monday.


Script for September 29th, 2006


KRO-GAR:    ouch.

Rats:    Told ya.