News for September 25th, 2006

Yes, we are getting wings in the next game update, though KRO-GAR will probably only ever see his cardboard ones.  He just isn't an angel type and the bat wings are just not his style.

In other news, Nitui and I got some new toys.  Her toy is going to take some time to get installed, but mine is up and running.  My monitor has been slowly going out for some time and just recently it started flickering.  Enough!  Nitui talked me into heading to our favorite computer store and low and behold, the bestest flat panel ever!  I am certain somebody will disagree, but it is the best I have ever had a chance to see.  It is a SyncMaster 931BF by Samsung.  Here is why it is so cool, 2 millisecond response time.  Until a few weeks ago the best you could do was 8 ms, then suddenly 4 and now 2!  No more ghosts or blurring!  Also it has a 2000:1 contrast.  Previously the best I had seen was in the 800's.  At any rate I now have a monitor that won't give me a headache.

Also, we were some show watching fools this weekend.  We saw a live sketch comedy show The Dark Side of the Moo and the review is here.  The next day we saw Fearless and the review is here.

The toy that Ninja spoke of was a stereo for my car. I haven't had a stereo in my car for a while (see my news here.) So, finally I'm gonna get one that I can plug my mp3 player into and continue to listen to books to and from work. It really makes the time go faster imho.

This weekend has been busy. It's one of those that I now need a weekend to recover from. Maybe it's just because I'm trying to be sick and so I just wanna sleep. But it was fun and enjoyable. Hopefully you all had a great weekend too! See ya Friday.


Script for September 25nd, 2006

KRO-GAR:    Rats remember KRO-GAR lost cape?

Rats:    Kid, if you're standin' around in a bath towel again...

KRO-GAR:    Not towel, cape.

Rats:    Yeah, yeah.  And?

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR got replacement for cape.

Rats:    What?  A bedspread?  Quilt?  I know, a throw rug, right kid?