News for September 18th, 2006

/cue Marvin the Martian voice

Oh drat these computers, they're so naughty and so complex, I could pinch them.  And don't you just love those motivation posters?  And don't you dare judge me on the Vanilla Ice and your copy of "Dancing Queen" by ABBA have no room to judge me.

In other news, after taking trips and holidays it seems like working a full 40 hours is so tiring.  I was looking for a day off on my first day back from the weekend.  Now that Nitui has only one day off that coincides with my weekend, it seems even shorter.

Last week, I became bored with my usual toilings on computers that I managed to break a Macintosh G3.  I removed the Mac OS and replaced it with Linux.  Basically I removed an OS that I despise and replaced it with one I don't understand.  Since the Mac uses a different type of processor, it doesn't understand certain types of coding in programs, this means that even if a software is comiled for that Operating System, it may still not work due to the processor.  Linux on the other hand is not a very forgiving operating system.  Unlike Windows where lots of programs from different eras still work on the systems, Linux is not as forgiving.  What I ended up with was a computer that basically wouldn't run anything that didn't come with the actual Linux install.  The Mac is now, once again, safely on the shelf collecting dust.

Last but not least, we saw Little Miss Sunshine and the review is here.

Well as promised I did stuff! Not too much though…Saturday I went from a redhead back to a brunette (my hair color/style/length changes…often.) Then I came back and created a biz card for one of the few remaining clients I have out side of my day job. Then created the comic while listening to the second half of the first season of Commander in Chief. I have always been a fan of Geena Davis and I think she's doing a good job as the lady prez. Some have said that this getting the country ready for a woman president. Ninja and I were talking about this Sunday morning at brunch and he pointed out that Battlestar Galactica also has a woman prez that comes to power under very similar means. Interesting ….very interesting….

So the rest of Sunday was spent shopping…I know that I said that I hate shopping but this was the fun kind. We're looking for a new monitor for Ninja and a new stereo for my car (mine was stolen many months past). My poor car. We actually are gonna take it in to be fixed bright and early in the morning from when I got rear-ended about two weeks ago. With that reminder I'm off to bed! See you Friday!


Script for September 18th, 2006

Ninja Comic:    GAH! Nitui, what is wrong with the computer?

Nitui:    I don't know what did you do to...I mean what are you trying to do?

Ninja Comic:    I am trying to download Vanilla Ice's "Go Ninja, Go Ninja, GO!" It says I have 5 minutes 13 seconds to go but that was half an hour ago man. It just went up to 6 minutes 22 seconds.

Nitui:    Well, those are what we call in the industry "Microsoft Minutes."  It says 3 minutes, but it could be 30 seconds, 3 minutes, or 3 hours.  They are calculated based on the file size and the speed of your connection with a variance due to network congestion and speed of the server...

Nitui:    Did you say Vanilla Ice?

Ninja Comic:    No, I said "Hall of the Mountain King" by Grieg.

Nitui:    You know that you're supposed to make it at least sound similar when you change your answer?

Ninja Comic:    I panicked?