News for September 15th, 2006

So there ya go, the mystery of the car explained.  Really, can't we have just one mystery?

In other news, the tank is running.  Here is a picture of 55 Gallons of Potential Poseidon Adventure Fun!

And lastly, Battlestar Galactica 2.5comes out on the 19th.  Another series set to devour.

Not too much to report for this week. I'll have some fun this weekend and give you something to read on Monday!


Script for September 11th, 2006

Ninja Comic:    Ok, we have received a number of comments concerning the "color change" of the car.

Ninja Comic:    Well, it didn't change. We washed it.

Ninja Comic:    Rats leaned against the side and was a bit upset about the "PUTRID FILTH" that got on her leg.

Ninja Comic:    It turned out pretty good in the long run. Every time we got out of the car KRO-GAR tipped me five bucks for the "cab ride."


Ninja Comic:    Heh, see you guys Monday!