News for September 11th, 2006

Yes yes, we didn't tell you the story.  Look, the road trip was only for the weekend and that was last weekend...We took lots of pictures on the trip so you'll get to see those in time.

In other news, I found a really cool site where they explain the difference between everyday and every day.  I give you, Common Errors in English.

Lets see, Sunday we did Oktoberfest downtown.  I noticed that the food was good but not a ton of variety.  I want you all to know that in Germany, they have more then five regular dishes they eat.  The dancing was odd, I never realized how the women in German dancing aren't allowed to really do anything beyond spin in place till they get dizzy.

Lastly and probably least, we saw Crank.  The review, what there is of it, is here .

Ninja is so right! No…not about that…about the thousand and one uses for duct tape. I got totally distracted by these photos of duct tape clothes. (My favorite is 1 st place 2003 but the have a huge archive!)

The Oktoberfest was small but this was the first weekend hopefully it'll pick up next weekend. Though I do have some really yummy apple strudel for my lunch tomorrow so for me it was totally worth going. Come join the forums they've gotten kinda lively again. Either way have a good week and see ya Friday!


Script for September 11th, 2006

Ninja Comic:    Well guys, we're back.

Nitui:    I'm glad I got dragged along. It really was a great time.

Ninja Comic:    You really just need to trust me on these things.

Rats:    You know, that 7 Eleven really did sell everything we needed.

Ninja Comic:    Duct Tape, a thousand and one uses.

Nitui:    See you guys on the set in a couple days.

KRO-GAR:    MMM MMM mm mmm mmm?

Rats:    Yes, now you can remove the tape.