News for September 8th, 2006

The best part of Road Trips has got to be singing Show Tunes, poorly.  Even if you can sing, you still end up sounding like the WB Frog after trying to drown out the engine.

In other news, we've been watching season one of the new Doctor Who show on DVD.  I just want to say that they will burn in a fiery pit of magma for making me feel sorry for a Dalek.  I'm really liking the new episodes, they seem to be exploring some of the facets that they glossed over in the old series.  Like being homesick or missed by your family when you head off traveling.  It's good stuff.

And now...On with the show!

So, if you following the forums I've gotta say welcome to Sol Provider and I swear he's not a plant and that the script for today's comic was done almost 3 weeks ago. So the topic on musicals is merely a coincidence. Though the Doctor says there are no coincidences so…I don't know you explain it.

Mostly I've just been working my little tush off….okay well not really I've been doing a whole lot of sittin' on my bum. Though I'm working hard at work I'm really enjoying it. I guess it's still the mornings thing I can't get use to…or maybe it's just a plain lack of sleep. Speaking of I'm off…See ya Monday!


Script for September 8th, 2006

Ninja Comic:    December 24th, 9 PM

Ninja Comic:    Eastern Standard time,

Ninja Comic:    from here on in I shoot without a script.

Ninja Comic:    See if anything comes of it...

Nitui:    It's time to try

Nitui:    Defying gravity

Nitui:    I think I'll try

Nitui:    Defying gravity

Nitui:    And you can't pull me down!

Rats:    How do you tell evil from good?

Rats:    Evil does well - good not so good!

Rats:    Evil's the one that is free everywhere

Rats:    Good is the one that they sell!

Rats:    You must decide which is heaven

Rats:    Which is hell!

KRO-GAR:    This is the song that never ends...

Ninja Comic Nitui Rats:   KRO-GAR!!!