News for September 1st, 2006

That should be the last stand up bit for a little while.  If you are interested in funny, here is funny. Improv Everywhere, check out the Slo Mo Home Depot experiment.

If that is too amateurish, well then try the old fashioned Cup and Ball with Penn & Teller.

As for being back home, well lets just say I didn't want to leave Chicago.  Great trip, great food, great show (Wicked), and great family time.  Maybe it is time to move.

Okay so I'm sure that you're eager for updates!

Okay Job front-

I am loving the new job. Officially the site is and I *might* be the one in the future who will be redesigning it or night not. Either way I'm pretty happy I have many wonderful intelligent people around me and I seem to be doing good things. The only down side is the drive…it's just shy of an hour….coming and going. Ninja's drive has been about that far for years now and I really don't see how he can stand it. If it were me I would have insisted on moving so long ago.

Competition front-

WE WON! Both Dad and I drop well below our goals of 21% of our starting weight and my Dad in the end took the Big prize winning the second half of the competition. Pictures! We weighed in and then went right to go have the best pizza in the world. (Which happened to be in the parking lot of the hotel we were staying in yay!)


As Ninja said we had a great time in Chicago ! As I get the pictures in (I forgot my camera but my family took plenty) I'll share. First day weighed in and the pizza then we went to the Art Institute of Chicago. Second day we (my Dad, Mom, Grandpa and Thing 3.0) had brunch with my wonderful aunt Cheri and Uncle Shelly at Park Grill and then killed most of the day wondering around near by Millennium park talking before heading back to the hotel to grab a little dinner and then on to WICKED! Which was incredible and the voices were almost as strong as the ones we've been listening to on the CD. Then the folks left and Ninja and I spent all of Monday with Cheri and Shelly. Trip on the L and then Lochs and Bagels for breakfast (yumm!) and then they took me shopping (and surprisingly it was actually a fun thing) then off to Greek town for a delicious dinner! That is one thing about Chicago ….I can't say I've ever had a bad meal there. Oh and we stayed a the Marriott Chicago Suites O'Hare. It's a nice Hotel…pretty standard fair for Marriott but the people made it a much nicer place to be. They were always super helpful but not in an overbearing kinda way. I'd stay there again.


Script for September 1st, 2006

KRO-GAR:    What one bank guard say to other?


KRO-GAR:    ...

KRO-GAR:    That what KRO-GAR hears them say.

KRO-GAR:    Huddo, is this thing on?