News for August 21st, 2006

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!  Oh what silliness are we in store for now?

Vacation fever is running amok in my head.  I don't want to go to work this week, even if it is only three days.  I shall persevere and go to work anyway. 

We saw Zoom and the review is here. By the way, Happy Birthday Jambear!

It's going to be hard to get used to these 2 day weekends… instead of Ninja's 3 day weekends but here I am back working Monday morning. The weekend though short was nice. Saturday night we went to see Zoom and Ninja set up his Aquarium. Sunday we got a rocking chair and then hung out with Deadly and Loch .

So, I found out where we're gonna be going for the big weigh in….. Chicago ! So, this weekend I'm gonna be having THE best pizza in the world. Not only am I going to get to see my folks, gramps, my very cool Aunt and Uncle-in laws but Thing 3.0 and her family is gonna come hang out also! It's gonna be a busy couple of days. I'm really looking forward to it and I promise to take at least a couple of pictures. See ya Friday!


Script for August 21st, 2006

Off panel voice:    Cut! And that's a wrap folks. This season is done enjoy your vacations.

Ninja Comic:    I'm glad that's over, I'm tired.

Nitui:    I still think they should have had more concern shown from my character.

Reap:    Hey guys, I just wanted to say it was great getting to work with you again. Maybe they will need me again next season for a bit part.

Nitui:    Yeah, that would be fun. Have you got any gigs lined up?

Reap:    There is an off Broadway show I am going to audition for.

Nitui:    Great! Break a leg!

Ninja Comic:    You know what we need?

Nitui:    Oh no...

Ninja Comic:    ROAD TRIP!

Nitui:    Do we own a car?