News for August 14th, 2006

What can be said?  I once played a D&D game where after the final fight the character I was playing decided to quit adventuring and take up farming.  Those epic tales really drag it out of a person.  I want you to know that in the interest of keeping it from becoming tedious, we left out a few little tidbits in the story.  I don't know if you guys care about what was missing or any of the subtext, but just incase you do, here is the official thread where I plan to answer some of those nagging questions you might actually have. The Official "Ninja's New Job" story thread.  I hope you all appreciate how much work has been put in by Nitui.  These have been some of the most challenging comics we have done to date, despite how easy they looked.

In other news, we got to hang out with Xorss today and he came to see Scoop with us.  Not his normal movie type which usually involves Power Puff Girls or Sponge Bob, but he seemed to enjoy it so I count it as a win.

Also, I did purchase a fish tank, but I am not exactly happy with it.  I am going to look at it for a few days and possibly return it if it doesn't start looking like what I want.

Did I mention we saw Scoop and the review is here.

Okay that's it! No more! I quit! All you get from now on is stick figure Photoshop! Wrapping up this arc has had just too many “intensive” things in it. I mean when was the last time in game you saw some one tilt their head down slightly and look away? (If you zoomed in on the panel you'd see that I actually gave him eye lids and changed his pupils) These comics have been taking 8-10 hours for the four panels more for the 6+ers! NO more I say! No more, until Friday…/sigh.

Well this is the first week of the new job! As I said last Friday, I officially start on Wednesday, I'm looking forward to getting out the house. Until then I'm just trying to fight off a cold and the last few days of the competition. I will be glad when the whole thing is over though I will have to figure out something new to waste my time on ….suggestions? (Something away from the computer, I'll be working on one all day.) See ya all Friday!


Script for August 14th, 2006

Nitui:    Ninja, what's wrong?

Ninja Comic:   You know, what they say is true.

Tank Daddy:    What's that son?

Ninja Comic:    Dying is easy,

Ninja Comic:    comedy is hard,

Ninja Comic:    and Heroes never win.