News for August 11th, 2006

Looks like no more Mr. Nice Ninja Comic. 

Where's the funny stuff?  Where's the jokes?  Apparently the narrative has gone a bit darker recently and things are not so funny.  I will see what I can do about that.  If there is too much drama for you, just hang in there and we'll try to get those Scouts to do something fun in a park with a Frisbee or something.

In other news, I have been writing stuff for the comic.  I am certain you knew this, but with the last story taking so long to tell, I have not needed to write anything in a while.  Most of what I have done recently was cleaning up dialogue or fixing things I did wrong.  But now, I have done some new stuff.  Which we may not use, but it was worth the time to write it.

Also, I am looking at doing a new fish tank that uses live plants to help filter the water.  It will look kinda like this, though not as large and wall scaling.  If I get it to work I will have Nitui throw pictures up. So, to get the point across, here is Fishy!

Oh yeah, one more thing...THE SCRIPTS ARE DONE!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!! Sorry, but retyping the whole thing was kinda tiring. Now we are an accessible web site.

Ahhh! Two weeks and counting! I'm really in crunch time now! The big competition is almost over! Is anyone placing bets? At this point I'm working out three times a day but I think Dad may still beat me yet.

I finally have a start date for the job! On Wednesday the 16 th I will officially start work. So, there you go everyone…you want anything from me, get you're requests in now before I start!

Good Job Loch on the Pop Quiz! See ya Monday!


Script for August 11th, 2006

Reap:    Ninja, hun, what are you doing?

Ninja Comic:    SHUT UP!  I'm not your lackey!

Reap:    But, I thought we had something?

Ninja Comic:    We had nothing.

Ninja Comic:    But I owe you for getting me back home...

Ninja Comic:    Run, or I will hunt you down like the animal you are.