News for August 4th, 2006

Another late night, sorry guys.  The news just doesn't flow when I am pressed for time, and I seem to be pressed for time a great deal lately.

Saw Cars, and the review is here.

Congrats to Deadly on her new job and I should be starting mine on Monday (the 7th). I've been running around getting those last minute errands run that I know I won't have time for later.

I finished the sixth book in the wild card series an Ace in the Hole and enjoyed it. I doubt I'll do a review on it but as I've already posted I recommend the series. Speaking of the forums welcome Maskquerade, it is nice to have talk of the game and the comic again. I look forward to seeing ya in game and on the boards. Have a great weekend…see ya Monday!


Script for August 4th, 2006

Sewn:    Reap, ensure the obstacles feel ill.

Sewn:    Ninja, vanish and find the bank. Note well any Skulls or Clockworks. Perhaps there are other things we want to secure.

Orc Shock Troupe:    And me boss?

Sewn:    Follow me, I will clear a path.

Detective:    That's right punk.  In the trash where you belong.

Ninja Comic:    This is not right.

Off pannel shout :    NINJA, NOOOO!