News for July 31st, 2006

So, looks like Nitui and Tank Daddy are going to save the Senators daughter.  Will they ever find Ninja Comic?  Who knows, who knows.  Just as soon as I write the next few comics, we'll all know.

In other news, I am growing some Triops.  I love playing with tiny water creatures like sea monkeys etc.

Also, I just found out some folks did not like the stand up comedy  in a few strips ago.  Well, if that is the case then guess we'll not go there anymore.

We saw Monster House this weekend and the review is here.

YES! It is official I have a job! Late Friday the official offer came through.

Freckle's new home is up and running and looking good. His new roommates are already moved in and his big move will most likely be tomorrow.

Have a great week, see ya Friday.


Script for July 31th, 2006

Nitui:    WHERE IS HE!

Tank Daddy:    All right freaks, one chance. Where is Ninja Comic?

Tank Daddy:    We've been everywhere that might be dangerous but nobody is talking.

Nitui:    Then let's try the not so dangerous places.

Nitui:    Where is Ninja Comic?

Skull:    I don' know. I don' hang with capes. We were just kidnappin' the Senators daughter.

Nitui:    WHAT!? Let him go dad, we got work to do.

Nitui:    What did you do with him?

Tank Daddy:    I let him go.