News for July 28th, 2006

Some people have no sense of humor.  Take Sewn here, not a funny guy.  Not even a little bit.

In other news, I have finished typing up to the end of January on the scripts.  So, you must look back a bit in the archives.  Beyond that, my week has been filled with not much more then work.  Well, work and helping put together Freckle's new house.  More on that from Nitui.

Well I hope you guys in the forums are talking 'cause there has been big stuff happening here...

As Ninja has mentioned Freckle is moving on up! He's getting a new deluxe 5 gallon aquarium! We're gonna even get him a playmate or two, he's very excited. He's been doing extra laps around his 1 gallon tank in preparation for the big move! We've chosen an Asian inspired theme for the new place. Per usual I'll be sharing pictures either out here or in the forums.

This week I've also been starting the long process of getting rid of the "stuff" that Ninja and I have had just sitting around...some of it for years now. Mostly I'm throwing stuff way! I'm sure we're not the only ones with things just sitting around that no one really wants but no one has really thrown away/getting rid of it (mainly ‘cause there's nothing wrong with it).

So far, I've only gotten through our bedroom and I already filled two of those extra large garbage bags. I think I should have thrown out more but I'm sure that some day I'll figure out a use for that Witchblade lunch box. Only thing left in our bedroom to tackle is my closet...I gotta get out all of the clothes large and small that don't fit. Oh boy. See ya Monday!


Script for July 28th, 2006

Reap:    Ninja, this is Sewn.  My ex...partner.

Ninja Comic:    Wow, did a vahzlok get hold of you?

Sewn:    Ah yes, humor.  There is some mayhem in Kings Row.  A bank robbery.  Come with us Reap, and bring your ninja stalker boyfriend too.

Ninja Comic:    It's Ninja Comic and...

Sewn:    Yes, how original, a funny ninja.

Reap:    Why should we come along?

Sewn:    Bank

Sewn:    Robbery

Reap and Ninja:    We're in.