News for July 24th, 2006

News news news.  Not much to report really.  I think the comic narrative is taking care of itself so we'll just move on with the rest of the news.

We saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend and the review is here.

Back to typing scripts.

On Friday I worked with my trainer Nick again, he said he's okay to link to his company's website. . So here ya go one more free plug for them: Animal Strength though the site goes straight into the store…so if you wanna contact him I'd just go there click on contact and ask for Nick as a trainer. Though I'm pretty sure after talking to Nick about how they do things, you can't go wrong with anyone. Nick's prices are $50 an hour or 10 sessions for $40 an hour. (I think this is for all trainers but don't know fore sure.) The photo gallery and the videos show ya a couple of the exercises I've been doing. Such as, this last Friday I was lied to and was made to carry a 54lb Kettlebell up and down stairs (and yes it's as heavy as it looks, think cannon ball with a handle). As terrible as that sounds, I already feel so much healthier and I'm looking forward to what torture he's setting up for me next Wednesday.

Saturday I hung out with my friend Chris and we did the mall thing and then went go-carting wee! Then Saturday night we had the pleasure of Elchupacadre and Neo here and it was a lot of fun just to get to sit and talk also we had a fun lunch with my friend Ish who was in town and a very Happy Birthday to Miranda. Throw in a movie there and it was a full weekend. See ya Friday!


Script for July 24th, 2006

Ninja Comic:    That's the last troll.

Reap:    And I found the chest with our book.

Reap:    Hey, there seems to be a decent amount of cash here as well.

Ninja Comic:    We could slip it into a collections plate...

Tsoo Collection Sorcerer:    I just happen to be in collections.

Ninja Comic:    Great! I'm glad you happened by. Here, take the chest. I'm sure you can put it to good use.


Ninja Comic:    Yeah, just put her on the donation card.

Ninja Comic:    Don’t worry, you can take the whole thing off your taxes.

Sewn:    REAP! I've come for you.