News for July 21th, 2006

I know, we went a bit risqué with this one but it does help the story along, really.  Hang in there kids, believe it or not we have an actual narrative and a plan. 

In other news, I think work is trying to kill me.  I know I have said that before, but this time they hired a hit man and gave him a creepy etched bullet to put down on the table in front of me at the club...or was that Replacement Killers?  They are just piling on the new job functions and not caring what we think about it.  Hmmm, resume time?

Also, a new improv company just opened up next door to us.  They are called Madcap Theater and the review is here.

The last thing I want to point out is the script section below the news.  Like we mention on the side bar, this is now scalable if you are hard of seeing and translatable if you are hard of reading English.  (???)  I do recommend having Babel Fish translate it then copying it back into the translator and bringing it back to English.  Fun stuff there.  Happy translations!

I'm really enjoying my new trainer. He's kicking my butt as a good trainer should but also listening and being creative with our workouts. In fact after the competition end my dad is talking about possibly coming out to work with him. He's so good that I'd like to recommend him (something I've never done in news) If your in the Denver metro and need a trainer e-mail me and with his permission I'll pass along contact info.

This week we added these groovy new drop down boxes! And now I know you want to complain that you have one more click to read the news but by default the news box is open! Mu ha ha ha! Actually I'm quite proud of this little feature I know it doesn't look like much but a lot work went into it and Ninja and I are still typing up the scripts to go in them as explained by that little side blurb over there --->

Also on the job front they come back with what the source of the hold was at least…Apparently the CEO has to sign off on my paper work and my soon to be boss is bugging him as often as she can with out being annoying. Also I found out how much moola, and I'm pleased! Now the CEO just has to hurry up and sign off on it before all my bills get here. Aw Well! See ya Monday!


Script for July 21th, 2006

Reap:    I got this tip about a magic book that was stolen.

Ninja Comic:    And we are going to get it to return it to the rightful owner.

Reap:    Sure thing, as long as they have the monetary resources to secure it.

Ninja Comic:    We're going to make sure they can afford bodyguards and proper safes to store it in?

Reap:    ...Riiiight.

Ninja Comic:    I never thought of making sure my contacts were responsible...

Reap:    Stick with me hun, I'll teach how to do it right.