News for July 17th, 2006

Happy National Ice Cream Day! We celebrated National Ice Cream day in the traditional manner.  Sloppy Joe for me! 

In other news, we saw Click and the review is here

Also, I have been rebuilding PCs at home.  We use a spare PC with a DVD Rom to play movies while working on the comic.  Currently we have MacGyver Season 2 running.  This is the one with the two nuns that were helping some orphans...well, you know the one. 

Back to the show.

Happy International Ice Cream Day/National Ice Cream Month! Sadly I will not be participating in the ice cream yummy-ness cause right now I think my dad is really kicking my butt as you can tell from these photos!

Today I am proud owner of spiffy new sunglasses that we picked up after we saw the movie Click. ‘Cause I'm a teeny weenie bit blind (too many nights reading books under the covers with a flashlight as a kid I'm sure!) getting new sunglasses is a big deal 'cause they're prescription sunglasses and so therefore even the cheapest throw away thirty buck pair magically turns into two hundred fifty smackers. Ninja is already chanting to me “on your face or in you case” as I switch out normal glasses for sun glasses. More prep for the drive that will come with the new job. Ah well, have a good week! See ya Friday!


Script for July 17th, 2005

Ninja Comic:    Do you know me?

Dr Mei:    Do you know him?

Reap:    What? You, me, Bloody Bay? I had less clothes and more barbed wire.*

Author's Note: *See 11-29-05

Dr Mei:    Sounds like a wild time.

Reap:    Oh it was, since I ended up arrested.

Ninja Comic:    Well...uh. Public indecency is a big thing these days.

Reap:    Indecency? Yeah...I'm indecent sometimes.

Reap:    How 'bout you make it up to me by busting up some trolls?

Ninja Comic:    Trolls? Ok.