News for July 14th, 2006

I guess I did not clear this up last comic.  In CoH there is a set of mind control powers that allows a character to confuse the target and make them attack their allies.  Their would be some inherent problems with having Ninja wandering around and randomly attacking people.  So we are using the more literal sense of the word confuse.  As for Dr Mei's comment about till death, well most teams in game end up killing the confused target eventually.

In other news, we got the first season of Myth Busters on a clearance rack.  These guys go though and prove that certain things just could not happen, including that myth about a ducks quack not echoing.  If you are like us and wonder what is true and what is false, this is the show for you.  If you get one of those too good to be true emails, check they may have heard of it and they are entertaining to read sometimes.

See you next week.

Well sadly still no news via job front but it's coming for sure but it's not here yet. It's been a goods week none the less. This fun little game was sent to me and runs in excel.

I found a new trainer yesterday and he's kicking my but for the last push to the end of the competition! We have an official end date of August 26 th so I'm working doubly hard to shed those last few pounds. The new trainer is out of The Spot Gym. See ya Monday!


Script for July 14th, 2006

Dr Mei:    How do you feel?

Ninja Comic:    I feel ok, but my brain is fuzzy.

Dr Mei:    That happens.  Your recall beacon failed.  Here is a temporary one until you can get a replacement from the Arachnos Arbiters.

Ninja Comic:    Ok...

Ninja Comic:    I should be going then?

Dr Mei:     Yes, I checked you out all ready...Good luck.

Ninja Comic:    Well, I expected some kind of argument about leaving too soon.

Dr Mei:    HMO's.  What can you do?

Reap:    NINJA COMIC!?!