News for July 10th, 2006

Well it's good to be back.  We saw Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and the reviews are here.

Here's an old game for, Crab Volleyball.

Have a good week!

This weekend was a good one. I had a wonderful evening on my birthday and thank you all for my birthday wishes! Sunday Dr. Mei ran into a fan. That's the funny thing about City of Villains you never know when your gonna run into a minion. Hopefully I'll have good job news for ya in the Friday news. See ya Friday!


Script for July 10th, 2006

Dr 1:     It's a strange case.

Dr Mei:    The injuries?

Dr 1:     No, nothing like that. He's a hero from Paragon city. I found him holding his hospital teleport badge.

Ninja Comic:     Nnnng...

Ninja Comic:     Where am I?

Dr 1:     The hospital. Here's a sedative, get some rest.

Dr 1:     How long does your little mind push keep them confused?

Dr Mei:    In my experience, until they die.