News for July 7th, 2006

Well I had hoped to have great job news for you but, no word other than they're getting ready to make me an official offer. I had hoped it'd be one of my better birthday presents but alas it looks like it'll be the first part of next week.

We had a great time with mom in law who's safely back in the Arizona heat. We got to see a lot of movies while she was here. I have a hot date tonight though. We figured since they were so nice to open Pirates of the Caribbean for my birthday we should go. Seems like the week for movies. See ya Monday!


KRO-GAR wanted to see Cars, but Rats and Innocence do not want to.

KRO-GAR was told the movie reviews are changing soon. 

KRO-GAR gets to vote on good or bad. KRO-GAR go rob casino now. 


Script for July 7th, 2006

Boy Scout:    I can't believe your dad is following through on making us watch a kids movie.

Girl Scout:    I know. He's old, like 45, so I try to indulge him from time to time.

Girl Scout:    Besides, he said we might like it.

Boy Scout:    LIKE IT?  Puerile humor displayed by unbelievable rendered images that look out of place, even in a low budget webcomic?  Please, who would enjoy such a thing?

(Both look at camera)

(maybe put a car and raccoon in the picture?)

(Concession stand)

Boy Scout:    Popcorn.

Girl Scout:    And two sodas.