News for July 3rd, 2006

Not much new news for you guys other than we had a great time with my brother and sister in law. Mom in law is still here and we had fun seeing The Devil Wears Prada yesterday, tonight we're gonna go see a comedy show called The Yiddish Are Coming.

Happy 4th of July (early) our plans are to spend it with Loch and Deadly. Hopefully by next comic I should have a new job! See you Friday! (the 7th....of July)


KRO-GAR like horror movie.  KRO-GAR like jump scenes with scary dead stuff coming to life.  KRO-GAR think Ninja Zombies are cooler then pirates.  NINJA ZOMBIES!

KRO-GAR held séance.  KRO-GAR channel Ninja Comic.  Ninja saw The Devil Wears Prada  and wanted to post review here. KRO-GAR spending time with family from out of town.  Bye.


Hi readers, Came up to visit Joe and Mindy and get out of the heat of Phoenix for a nice long weekend.  Missed seeing Roux Girl and her husband by a few hours.  Having a great time watching the comic being put together and seeing movies I missed (The Last Samurai) while they work.  We did see The Devil Wears Prada this morning and I am looking forward to the review. 

Got to see the new kitchen that Joe and Mindy worked so hard on and it is fantastic!  Also, for those of you who haven't seen Mindy recently, she looks great.  Her new diet/exercise routine is working wonders on her.

Have a Happy 4th of July everyone.



Script for July 3rd, 2006

Vahz1:    Whoa! Dude I think this one just moved.

Vahz2:    Right, I'm sure it did.

Vahz1:    I'm serious, it moved and it's freaking me out!

Vahz2:    I fell for that one last week, I'm not falling for it again.