News for June 26th, 2006

Hey all, who knew Innocence was so evil? I guess everyone now, hu? Not too much to add from Friday's news as far as personal life goes. Although take a look at and there will be two new smileys in the forum.

Oh and by the way Freckle the frog is doing swimmingly and I'm thinking of getting him a friend. We will have family in town this weekend so that should be exciting. See ya Friday!

KRO-GAR international web comic star.  KRO-GAR think KRO-GAR did excellent job in the portrayal of KRO-GAR in today's comic.  Rats was better then KRO-GAR though.

KRO-GAR saw The Lake House and review is here.  Though KRO-GAR was not in movie, movie was still ok. KRO-GAR take new job as shepherd.



Script for June 26th, 2006

Rats:    KRO-GAR, you could have gotten Innocence killed!  Really kid, what were you thinking?

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR not think.

Rats:    That's right, KRO-GAR not thin...

Innocence:    HEADSHOT BABY!

Rats:    Never mind.