News for June 23rd, 2006

This week has been really busy but, the kitchen is painted and we might even take on the living room. I did have a good day yesterday, lots of leads on possible of full time jobs. I'm looking to get out of contract work :o) While typing this I'm listening to Wicked the book. I've downloaded a couple of books to listen to while working and working out.

Oh! I wanted to say thanks to Fenris Lair and OGaming for linking us…as well as Trish and Harold for linking us long ago. Sooner or later we'll find out about links to us…I'm trying to find a good site for this but so far all I've found is who links to me. Though I know we have more than what links are shown here. So if you know of a better site let me know! See ya Monday!

KRO-GAR working hard.  KRO-GAR tired. KRO-GAR is pretty sure their will be an uproar over this one.  Really, what makes people think a cosmopolitan couple of kids like Girl Scout and Boy Scout would want to see a kids movie?  Of course KRO-GAR liked Over the Hedge.  Maybe KRO-GAR see another like it this week.



Script for June 23rd, 2006

Boy Scout:   So, we gonna raid the Council Base and stop their genetic experimentations to create a race of Super Soldier Storm Trooper vampyres?

Girl Scout:   Nope, my dad wants us to go to a movie this afternoon.

Boy Scout:   That's cool.  We wanted to see "Thank You for Smoking" or is "Who Killed the Electric Car" out yet?

Girl Scout:   No, he said "Over the Hedge" or "Cars."

Boy Scout:   What?  Those are like kid movies!

Girl Scout:   I know.