News for June 19th, 2006


Comic number 100! As you can see, we've made a few changes around here and now you can see why I've been so busy (surprise!). First, here are the new Desktops from our photo shoots. Thank you again to all of you that came out to get your mug in the comic.

A couple of technical things- if your viewing the site and it looks wonky first try to refresh and if that doesn't work clear out your cached images by going to “Tools” then to “Internet Options” then in the center of the window that pops up click on “Delete Files”. This will delete your stored temporary images but will not mess up any of the other sites you go to (ie stored passwords etc.) If you see any other problems feel free to e-mail me.

That aside, I'd like to point out some of the new things! Make sure that you read the text under the navigation as it will tell ya some helpful stuff about that page, well most of the time. We've updated the cast page, links page, and as I said there are two new desktops on the extras page and the user bars where moved to that page. I've also added a commissions page. Plus there is always new and interesting stuff in the forum. See you on Friday!

KRO-GAR not lose last comic.  KRO-GAR paid to take dive.

KRO-GAR like new site.  KRO-GAR not like reformatting all news.  KRO-GAR think Ninja talk too much.  KRO-GAR liked marking all "Style" to "None" where Ninja concerned.

KRO-GAR was told about Mentos and Coke.   KRO-GAR like.



Script for June 19th, 2006