News for June 16th, 2006

Wow, an action packed comic if I ever saw one.  I love it.  One question, who won?

In other news, we are quite tired.  Between work and the meelions of hours poor Nitui is putting into the comic for the big 100, we have found that there is no rest for the weary, righteous, or wicked.  I make no guesses as to which one I am but I get no rest either way.

Since surfing the web is dead at work, I have very little else for you this week.  I will try to find something this weekend.

Last but not least, we saw A Prairie Home Companion  and the review is here .

Hang on tight for the big 100 on Monday!

Comic number 99! They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Since I put to together this HUGE comic I figure I'm ahead of ninja for news this week by 829. Thanks to all the folks who showed up for the photo shoots! See ya Monday! The big 100!


Script for June 16th, 2006

Ninja Comic :   HIYAH!