News for June 12th, 2006

Looks like they settled for "or something."  Kinda makes you wonder how this is going to turn out. 

I guess for the non CoH/V crowd I should explain.  In game if you are defeated, you don't die.  You get teleported to the nearest hospital facility.  Of course, if you have not registered as a super hero you don't get one.  This explains the severe injuries Nitui sustained during the Heroes Journey.  All of this is to disguise the game mechanics of why you don't actually die in game, despite being gunned down, smashed under rubble, and poisoned by deadly doses of radiation.  The game does explain that the teleport stations are limited by range at points and why you end up teleported back to the last nearest hospital.  Mercy island is not just next door to Paragon city.

In other news, our webhost company is run by a bunch of monkeys.  The forum has been going up and down over the past few and I have requested support for it once again.  I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you in telling us how much you like/love/hate certain comics.

I would like to mention that we have been doing the big screenshots for the Celebration of 100 strips and just wanted to say thanks to all that showed up. Lastly, here is a curiosity.  The Scribble  Not sure what it is good for, but what the heck.

Comic number 98! Well the weekend so far has been a lot of fun. We had Loch and Deadly and their boys up on Sunday and we all played CoV until we looked up and realized how late it was. So far we've had decent turn out at the weekends screenshots. Hopefully Wednesday's and Thursday's turn outs will be just as good. It was very cool getting to meet you guys. We even had a couple of new comers show up to get their mug in the comic. Welcome. Woot!

As we told ya in game that will be posted on our BIG 100th comic day…June 19th.

So, whacha think will happen with these guys? Now it seems like a long wait until Friday hu? </tease> Well this week is already shaping up to be a busy one. I'm redoing my resume to hopefully better show off my skills. As well as my personal website needs a facelift, I feel it still looks like someone who freshly graduated (cause that's the last time I worked on it) and it really needs to reflect my experience since then. Also I'm realizing now that I have a few short weeks before my mom-in-law will be in town so I have to finish my painting! (dinning room and kitchen cupboards)

Plus for fun I found these competitions where they give you a black and white image and ask you to color them as realistically as possible. This is my first stab at it. What do you think? It took me the better part of a day to do this one.


Script for June 12th, 2006

Owner:    Good set Ninja, I think we could make you a regular here.

Ninja Comic :   That's great, I've been looking...

Innocence:    EVERYBODY, HANDS UP! We're just here for the cash...and maybe a little killing.

Ninja Comic :    You two made a big mistake.

Innocence:   I think you made the mistake hero.

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR break little man.

Ninja Comic :   It's Ninja Comic and I've fought bigger.

Innocence:    Well Ninja, you're a long way from Paragon City.  I don't think your hospital teleport works here.

Ninja Comic :    Well... I'm not the one that is going to need it.