News for June 2nd, 2006

As they say, we must forge ahead.  Or is it forage?  Stand up is a scary thing.  You are asking the audience not only to like you, but to also think you are funny.  I have been told personally that I am a very funny person and I should do stand up.  I don't see this as a career choice for me though.  If you are having an off day at the water cooler in the office, they just chat with you and go back to work.  An off day on stage and you may be off the stage permanently. 

Remember that the audience is not stupid and will know a phony if they hear one.  If you want to do stand up, you had better really want to do stand up.

In other news, we saw The Da Vinci Code and the review is here.

We have some in game event stuff that we are planning real quick here.  I am going to let Nitui fill you in on that.

And lastly, Parking Perfection  has been hanging about in the forum, thanks Loch.

Comic number 95…and the tension builds! As we draw nearer and nearer to DOOM! …or 100. So, guys what are we gonna do to celebrate? Come tell us you thoughts here. We do have a couple of things planned as mentioned before your chance to be a part of the comic is coming up! Here is all the latest info on that…check back often.

On a personal note, I have two good things to report. First I've got a job interview. It's nothing fabulous but it's money coming in and it's something I'm way over qualified for so I'm hoping that means I'm sure to get the job. Second is I've past the 30 pound loss marker. :oD See ya Monday!


Script for June 2nd, 2006

Ninja Comic :    Beyond the "Famous Ninja Sense of Humor," there is the defensive skills to keep you safe on stage.

Ninja Comic :    I know, "it's not dangerous to be a comic."

Ninja Comic :    Yeah, right.  I've worked some crowds that were so tough...

Audience :    How tough were they?

Ninja Comic :    The crowd was so tough that they had a two shot minimum.

Ninja Comic :    Yep, tetanus and rabies.

Ninja Comic :    I'm serious; the old comics had to dodge tomatoes and maybe the odd glass.

Ninja Comic :    Not me.

Ninja Comic :    One night there was so much stuff in the air, it blotted out the spotlight. I had to do my shtick in the dark.

Ninja Comic :    Seriously, I felt like a Spartan.

Ninja Comic :    Except that, ya know, I was wearing pants.