News for May 26th, 2006

I realize this is not a new job exactly, but it is different from what he has been doing recently.  If you think it's funny, tell your friends...if you think it sucks, tell your friends.  There is no sense in you suffering alone.  I guess for many people the idea of writing a funny skit is the same as writing a joke.  It is very much so different.  Situational comedy is far easier then stand up.  Remember, dieing is easy, comedy is hard.

In other news, and I should have asked you this before I started writing the current storyline...I have a poll up in the forum.  I know a lot of you are not wanting to register to post in the forum, but it is important to get some feedback on this one.  Take the time and vote on the poll in Ninja Comic's stuff.  Thank you in advance.

I don't really have anything to link today.  I have been actually working and I just haven't been surfing so much.  However, take a look in the Stuff section in the forum.  Deadly and Loch have been posting links to some funny videos.  Remember, that is the section you don't have to register or anything to post and read.

Yummy new userbars here for you. Hopefully ya will like them. I will do one more set of them then I'll be up for suggestions.

We're going to set up two times on Champion and two times on Justice (one weekday, one weekend) for a get together we'd like to give anyone who wants one a shot to be in apart of comic. We're going to set up some group photos and through the magic of Photoshop we'll all be in the same shot. Look for times in the forums. See ya Monday!


Script for May 26th, 2006

Ninja Comic:    And now Ladies and Gentlemen, the comedy stylings of The Ninja Comic!

Ninja Comic:    Thank You, Thank You.

Ninja Comic:    Most of us have a great sense of humor.

Ninja Comic:    I tell ya, there is nothing funnier then the look of surprise when you ambush somebody and yell...

Ninja Comic:    "HIYAH!"

Ninja Comic:    I ambushed my wife one time.

Ninja Comic:    "HIYAH!"

Ninja Comic:    Yeah, mac and cheese on the ceiling.

Ninja Comic:    Still sleeping on the couch for that one.