News for May 14th, 2006


Not a lot to tell you guys, we just played a little City of Heroes and decided to put a Mother's Day comic. We'll get back on the script Friday, hope you weren't too disappointed.

Almost forgot, I dug up an old link. It's not much but I enjoyed it. The funny thing is, Nitui changed the script on the first panel without my knowing. So, yeah...Muffins!

Happy Mommy's Day!
By the way I'm here to tell you that Joe and Mindy look just like that. In fact…I think that's a picture of their living room. No, really! Uh ya. Our big plans for the rest of the weekend (our weekend is Sunday –Tuesday) is to plant a tree, CoH/CoV (of course) and maybe I can get some drawn' time in. (Ninja left me alone in a book store too long and now a have a whole bunch of new art books) Time to scribble!

Couple updates-

Congratulations to Crystal who won the name the office frog contest. Freckle and I thank all the participants. I did get the user bars done on Saturday, find them on the Links page and over here. There will be many many more to come these are just the first batch of them. We've changed our movie review section so that it's all one section and open to all at any point. So get in there and tell us what you think! On a personal note I am down 23 pounds and folks have been asking me what diet I've been doing read more about that here (spent most of the morning typing and revising!). See you Friday!


Script for May 14th, 2006

Nitui:    Did you know today is Mother's Day?

Ninja Comic:    Do tell.

Nitui:    I don't have one.

Ninja Comic:    Yeah, well the writer of this strip is lazy and didn't give me any parents at all.

Nitui:    Muffins?

Ninja Comic:    Mmm muffins!

Rats:    Why KRO-GAR sad? Heh, that kills me.

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR may have to go on a story arc to find his mother.

Rats:    Meh, nobody likes pathos in these comics.

Rats:    You gonna grab that guy?

KRO-GAR:    KRO-GAR not think man go anywhere fast.

Boy Scout:    I got flowers for my mom, she cried.

Girl Scout:    I made my mom a hanging plant holder, and she ripped down part of the ceiling putting it up.

Joe and Mindy:    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!