News for May 12th, 2006

Since so many people told Ninja to get his debt paid before it gets nasty, it looks like he is serious.  Well, as serious as he gets any way.  I am a bit nervous about the next few in this particular series, so bear with and let us know what you think.

I am putting in a new section in the forum.  Screenshot Comics. Now, the thing is, most webcomics look down on screenshot comics, with only a few ever getting some respect.  With that said, feel free to take a look in there.  However, I am adding a post about what to do and how to do it.  Before you can post you have to read the rules and sign off by posting that you read it.  It may seem extreme but it is needed to keep the young ones safe.

Also, Loch is forcing us to watch the full seasons of Samurai Jack.  Not really forcing us, it's quite good.  So we are watching it and so should you.

And finally, Deadly Niteshade posted this game in the forum. Cubefield! I should make you all go to the forums right now and tell her how cool she is.  Instead, go play the game then tell her how cool she is.

Whoa, this has been an odd week, busy but odd. Today I got all my work done though so yay for me! Come and get your last votes in before the polls close tonight on the name the frog contest! I need to apologize I did not get the user bars done this week. I only got Ninja's done and we want to put at least four up when we put them up. So, not to leave you hanging but…ha, I am. They'll be coming soon.

On a personal note I found a couple of amazing websites. Ninja often refers to me as a Photoshop genius and I say it isn't so and humbly bow to the real thing check out Tascha and Furiae. Both draw those amazing pictures from scratch or a simple line drawing in Photoshop. It's inspired me to pursue getting this hand of my mine in shape. If I get bold enough maybe a few pieces will find their way online.

OH! And if you all are interested let me know and I'll post some tutorials in the new section. Again I'm no genius but if sharing my tips and tricks helps out the community, I'd love to do it!


Script for May 12th, 2006

Ninja Comic:    I was attacked by the Tsoo Collection Department again.

Nitui:    Well, you look ok, are you hurt?

Ninja Comic:    Nah, I can take those guys in a fight.  It's just that I legitimately owe them money.

Ninja Comic:    It looks like we need to get real jobs.

Nitui:    I have a job.

Ninja Comic:    Oh foul and cursed fates, I MUST GET A JOB!