News for May 8th, 2006

Thus ends our foray into the cooking class.  Well, we were invited to not come back.  Some people are really too sensitive.

In other news, we conned our friend Maya into staying a few more days and we have been forcing her to watch a few of our favorite movies that she has missed.  So we have watched RENT, Unleashed, Sky High, and House of Flying Daggers.  If you have missed them, here is your reminder.

Here is a memory game Zyrx.  Not sure what the rest of the day holds, but it should be fun!  Hope your weekend went well for you too.

Well another weekend has come to a close and another ebay item not won :oD Currently the e-bay thing I'm seeking is a Wacom Intuos. Why e-bay? Cause I'm cheap and well this will be my first tablet and from what I've heard you love it or hate it. I figure at this point my art is still hobby level so I can't throw too much cash at it at any one time. Hence why I'm still using Photoshop 7.0…though I've almost justified getting the latest and greatest cause I use this for work too :oD

Miss Maya is here and we're lovn' every minute of it. I am working on creating new user bars and they should be up and ready for all some time this week. You'll find those here in Ninja's topic “Help, lots of people have not found us yet.”Oh don't forget to vote in the name-the-office-frog contest!


Script for May 8th, 2006

Instructor:    Blah blah blah golden brown blah blah blah.

Instructor:    Blah blah blah on plate blah blah garnish blah blah.

Instructor:    Blah blah blah and pop it into your mouth.

Instructor:    Oh yeah this is delici...AH AH AH! IT BURNS!

Ninja Comic:    I'LL SAVE YOU!