News for May 5th, 2006

So, mussels do not make good hand puppets.  'Nuff said.

In other news, we have a friend of ours visiting.  Mind you, we have not seen her in a million years or so...ok five years.  Anyway, this news will be quick and painless so we can get back to catching up.

So,'s a game!  Gravity Launch

Here is something cool, you can get to certain levels and keep track of your numbers for velocity and elevation.  I think it accepts out to three decimal places.  At any rate, I may open a  post in my section where you can post what numbers you put in to get really cool flight paths. So, level 2 6.41 thrust 15 angle yields an interesting path, though you don't hit goal.  Give it a shot.

As Ninja said, MAYA IS HERE, YAY!!!!  But, Ninja says I have to finish the comic and eat all my vegetables before we can go play outside. 

I have a couple things I want you to know about.  This is the last day for the Name-The-Frog contest.  The contest closes at midnight tonight, so if you have not entered please hurry.

Also, we were linked from one of my favorite web sites. Eejits is an awesome site, so if you haven't all ready go there and see the cool looking doodles.

See you all Monday!


Script for May 5th, 2006

Instructor:    Mussels are, in fact, still alive when you get them. Give them a squeeze and they clamp their shells tight.

Tank Daddy:    Mmm, I love mussels.

Nitui:    Still...alive?

Ninja Comic:    Ya, I can even make this one talk.

Ninja Comic/mussel puppet:    No, no, don't boil me!

Instructor:    Put them into the simmering broth.

Ninja Comic/mussel puppet:    AH AH AH, IT'S HOT! OH GOD, THE MANATEE OF IT ALL!

Ninja Comic:    Nitui?