News for May 1st, 2006

Here we are, at the beginning of a new week.  Yep, we were not done bashing the whole kitchen premise yet.  When we did our cooking class, there was actually no hands on and that truly limits how much you can learn I feel...I mean, as I said before, this is exactly how it happened.

In other news, I finally got around to writing a review for Lucky Number Sleven and the review is here.  Also today we saw Thank You For Smoking and that review is here.  Both were films worth seeing and by that I think that makes them good, but I had a lot of mixed emotions and they took some time to digest.

I put a topic in the forum "Help, lots of people have not found us yet." Basically we are looking for ways to promote our comic without spending tons of money for advertising.  Those ads on the sides of busses are way expensive, not to mention billboards, and they don't really hit our demographic.  I put it in an area where you don't even have to register to post.

Lastly, here is a webcomic I found Dr McNinja.  Now from one ninja to another we have choices, we can either fight to the death simply because we are ninjas or we can realize that we have common goals and make an alliance.  So, go over and have a read.  If one of the two comics should suddenly stop for no easily explained reason, simply assume one of us killed the other.  You might want to read through it if you are sharing this with your kids, it gets a tad bumpy in the content and violence."

Well I've been a good girl this week/weekend and worked really hard and got all my work done! We also had time for a movie as Ninja mentioned. I saw the ad for this film and I was looking forward to 'cause it just looked like a good comedy. GASP! What's that?!? A comedy without fart jokes and someone being moronic…does such a thing possibly exist?!? I guess you'll have to find out.

The Name-The-Frog contest is coming along swimmingly we already have 3 finalists!

Lilly Belle
Freckle (the frog)

So if you think you can do better go to the forums here to read the official rules.

Also I'd like to comment about the prize, the desktop for our non-CoH/CoV playing fans I can either A. create your likeness in game and then create a desktop or B. Create a desktop for you with any non-copyright infringement material. I'm flexible! So, please don't feel like you can't join in on the fun as well!

Oh and Ninja talked about it but, it's important so I'm going to yammer about it also and cause we really do want your feedback/ ideas please, please, please take the 3-4 mins it takes to post and tells us you thoughts. Ninja and I have been banging our heads together but we're only so creative. :oD See you all Friday!


Script for May 1st, 2006

Instructor:    Now, turn the burner on high and lets get those woks good and hot.

Ninja Comic:    Hey, our burner isn't working.

Instructor:    Yes, I know...I mean we'll look into that. You will just have to watch.

Tank Daddy:    Oh no.

Ninja Comic:    Good thing I remembered you were a fire tank.

Tank Daddy:    How did I get talked into this?