News for April 28th, 2006

So, what would happen to a hero that is fighting the good fight...but is very poor?  I don't know, but it looks like the Ninja School is out to collect.

I just thought I would share a bit about my job.  I am a PC tech by trade, but lately the company has us sorting through all the complaints.  Sometimes I work on telephony issues, network issues, admin issues, facilities (desk damage and chairs?), and sometimes I get to work on PCs.  The most ridiculous ticket I have ever gotten came in last Saturday.  A woman called the hotline, apparently there was a bug in her keyboard.  I asked "what is it doing or not doing?"  She explained that it was an actual bug.  A beetle to be exact and she wanted me to come and replace the keyboard.  I decided to let her stew just a bit before going over.  She called back shortly after, it seems the bug walked off the keyboard and she was now ok with it.  I can see a three year old freaking out, but an adult?  I think in the future I will drop an incredibly deadly moth or ladybug on her desk.

In other news, we saw Lucky Number Slevin .  I am still not sure if I liked it.  You may note that I have not yet written a review in the forum.  I guess I just don't know.

This was linked in the City of Forums and I thought I would share.  People sometimes get stuck for names in the game, and unlike a lot of other online games, they stress being original and just misspelling Legolas and Aragorn is not going to cut it.  So, we have a name generator.

I also have a game from the Veggie Tales folks...I know what you think, but it is actually pretty fun.  Spaced Penguin

Have a good weekend.

Well first congratulations to City of Heroes for being around two years! Friday marks their two year anniversary. ::shakes her booty::

Workn' hard this week but next week should slow down and be better much better. Though I gotta tell ya it have be absolutely beautiful here lately. Sure we had our obligatory late spring snow last week but since then it's been great. Time to pull out the swimming suit and see if I can shake off some of my geeky color.

OH and check into the forum here for the name-my-office-frog contest. Winner gets to name the frog and a desktop of their very own toon! See ya Monday!


Script for April 28th, 2006

Tsoo Collection Sorcerer:    OK Ninja Comic! Now you pay!

Ninja Comic:    Talk! Who sent you?

Tsoo Collection Sorcerer:    The Venerable Master sent us.

Ninja Comic:    What's this about?

Tsoo Collection Sorcerer:    It's about your student loans, we're the collection agency.

Ninja Comic:    Oh.

Ninja Comic:    My bad.