News for April 24th, 2006

So, needless to say, Ninja was a bit traumatized when fighting his first giant monster.  Lusca the Devil Fish pops it's head up in Independence Port for those of you not familiar with the game.  This is also not the first time it has been mentioned in the comic and if you have wandered around the site at all, then you know there is a desktop wallpaper in the extras section as well.

In other news, my sister sent us a Cat Sitter video.  We tried to get some photos of the kids watching TV but we have not gotten any good ones with all of them in the same shot.  Eventually we had to take away some of their TV privileges though.  The girl cats ended up attacking the boys and we had to turn it off.  I guess they are right, TV does induce violence in children...errr cats.

Speaking of violence teddybear commandos in the game called War Bears!

Have a good week!

A measly 60 layers in today's comic :o) I wonder how many cuts Nitui gets in a single day just being around Ninja.

My folks say that they're having a great time in Hawaii and are going to send me a bunch of pictures from they're trip. I've been asked for diet update and I'm still being angelic. I'm temporarily without a personal trainer and I am seeking one. (If you know someone who is a certified personal trainer in Colorado email me!) but I'm still exercising and I'll let ya know when I'm officially at the half way mark.

Also it's now been brought up by three of our family/friend and thought I'd pass it on. Feel free to hit that “I forgot my password” button as much as you want. We won't know. It's auto-generated by the forum. So, please don't let that keep ya from posting! Or if you're having any other technically related forum problems let us know! We'll do our best to help ya or fix them.

See ya Friday!


Script for April 24th, 2006

Instructor:    Now that we all have counters again, let's pull out our containers of squid.

Nitui:    It's safe to come out now, I cut the squid.

Ninja Comic:    I ummm, dropped my knife.