News for April 21st, 2006

Truth in our stories?  So, we did go to a cooking class with Nitui's real father.  And as these comics unfold...understand that this is EXACTLY how it happened.  Heh

In other news, I would like to say welcome to the new folks that have joined our forum and let the rest of you know that you have only a few hours left to get the badge in the forum.

Lastly, I have two games for you. BrainDrop, which is deceptively easy.  Or mysteriously hard.  Well, you can figure it out. The second game is another game from Click Mazes called  2D Tilt.  Enjoy.

Well seeing how it's another late night I'm gonna keep this short. (Short news from me = more hours spent on art). Though I have to say this evening has been quite nice, we've been listening to the song stylings of Michael Bublé. They call him a young Frank Sinatra or King of Swing, I don't know if I agree with either of these but never the less he's worth listening to.

Deep down I've always wanted to sing. Ninja and I used to do Improv ( performance with out a script) and I've been on a stage more times than I can count but the only thing that could give me jitters was to ask me to sing. If I did ever get up the nerves to sing in the future, I'd either want to sing this genre or musical theatre. Well there ya go…your more than you needed to know tid-bit for the night. :oD Note to self: do news earlier in the night. See ya Monday!


Script for April 21st, 2006

Instructor:    Now that we have washed up, we need to begin slicing up the vegetables. If you brought your own knife sets, feel free to use them.

Nitui and Tank Daddy:    Oh no.

Ninja Comic:    He said I could.